Moses Fakude garden is still going strong

Moses Fakude garden is still going strong
What a beautiful garden!

Mr Moses Fakude established a vegetable garden in 2010, which delivers fresh produce and is still going strong!

Mr Moses Fakude not only grows vegetables but he also uses his garden to reach out to the community and help those in need. Struggling families go to him and he provides them with fresh vegetables.

Furthermore he also teaches the youth of Mkhondo about different types of vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach and he teaches them how to prepare soil and sustain a garden by themselves.

A skill that they can then later use to provide for their own families. Although Mr Fakude has all the tools necessary to maintain his garden, he is in dire need of equipment to better the flow of water to his garden.

According to Mr Fakude, he has built a small pond to capture rainwater, but this will only be able to sustain him until the middle of the winter season. The pump he uses for his garden has also broken, this makes it hard for the garden to produce the quality of vegetables that he knows it can.

To rectify this problem, he desperately needs water pipes and a pump. If you want to get involved in this project by donating equipment or by sending your children or scholars to Mr Fakude for training, feel free to contact him on 073 051 5135.