The Mkhondo Small Business Drive

The Mkhondo Small Business Drive

According to Mr T. Thabede, Manager of the Department of Local Economic Development, the department launched a The Mkhondo Small Business Drive during November 2018 and earlier in 2019, the initiative yielded good results.

The The Mkhondo Small Business Drive was started to assist entrepreneurs of Mkhondo to be able to access funding. In collaboration with the NYDA (National Youth Development Agency), 20 young entrepreneurs of Amsterdam (KwaThandeka), formed part of this event. Mr Thabede said that the participants will receive their funds once their applications have been processed and finalised.

These entrepreneurs are set to focus strictly on the agricultural sector within the Mkhondo Local Municipal area. He added that the programme will continue in order to be able to reach all the enthusiastic entrepreneurs of Mkhondo.

This will certainly stimulate various business interests amongst the youth of Mkhondo. If you have any queries regarding the Small Business Drive, please contact Mr Thabede on 066 478 9364.