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Women Agriculture Union meets renowned author, Susan Opperman

On Saturday, 6 April, the ladies of the WAU (Women Agriculture Union) Saligna branch had the opportunity to meet renowned author, Susan Opperman, when she visited Piet Retief to host a fermenting workshop at Greendoor Guesthouse. Susan informed her guests that her quest started when she wanted to heal her gut and improve her immunity.

She discovered the healing power of fermented vegetables in the form of Curtido (lightly fermented cabbage relish), Kimchi (a Korean side dish made from fermented and salted vegetables), Pickles (fermented cucumbers), Sauerkraut (fermented, finely, raw cut cabbage) and many more. She also elaborated on the wonderful taste of fermented tea, namely Kombucha.

What does fermenting mean? Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes. Fermentation remains a simple, natural way to extend the life of produce and dairy products without the need for any added preservatives or stabilizers.

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Autoimmune Disease and Diabetes in 2016 and discovered that the root of my problem was caused due to leaking gut.” – Susan Opperman

By fermenting vegetables, it unlocks a range of complex flavours. Food that may seem bland or unpalatable will become tangy, salty, sour or sweet and many of the world’s most delectable foods; including wine, cheese, spirits and vinegar, are made through fermentation.

Why ferment? This is a uniquely satisfying way to preserve food, experiment with bold and exciting flavours while maintaining good digestive health. Did you know that the human gut is home to a broad spectrum of probiotics? This is the good bacteria that maintain balance in the digestive – and immune systems and it also protects you from illnesses.

By eating fermented food, which is rich in beneficial bacteria, will help to restore balance and vitality to the microflora of the gut. The fermentation workshop was very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended. Thank you for inspiring the ladies of Piet Retief with this innovative method in preserving food.

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