SAPS seized counterfeit branded clothing

SAPS seized counterfeit branded clothing

Hats off to the Nerston Border Police’s Constables, who managed to seize a total of 145 kg of dagga and counterfeit branded clothing during two separate incidents.

According to Captain Fourie, of the Nerston Border Police, the following information can be made public: On Monday, 1 April, at around 00:30, Constables Maseko and Mtshali were conducting a stop-and-search operation on the R65 (between Amsterdam and Nerston) when they stopped a silver Mazda 3 sedan, on route to Amsterdam. The officials found two large rolls of dagga, weighing 63 kg and with a street value of R94 500-00 concealed inside the vehicle and two suspects were arrested on the scene.

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Just after midnight on Monday, 8 April, Constables Maseko, Mtshali and Shabalala were conducting another stop-and-search operation on the same road (R65) when they noticed the lights of an oncoming vehicle, heading towards Amsterdam.

The officials signalled the driver to pull off the road, but he did not adhere to their command and sped off. The police chased the vehicle on the road to Amsterdam and it is presumed that the driver lost control (just before the Gobosh river bridge), swerved off the road and collided into a pole on the side of the road.

The Constables stopped at the accident scene and came across various bags, containing dagga. The dagga weighed in at 86,2 kg, with a street value of R129 300-00. One Swaziland-citizen was arrested and the severely damaged vehicle, a silver VW Passat sedan, was seized and handed over to the Amsterdam SAPS13.