Piet Retief JKA Karate prize-giving and grading

JKA Karate

The first term for the Piet Retief JKA Karate Dojo was very busy with new and exciting challenges that the karatekas, parents and Sensei needed to overcome and embrace.

Taking over the Piet Retief JKA dojo meant that Sensei Jenny, a 4th Dan under the guidance and with the support of the Northern Kwazulu Natal JKA Area Head, Sensei Johan Swart, had to re-acquaint herself with her students and their parents.

Sensei Jenny is known to all in the NKZN JKA region but especially to her own Dojo in Paulpietersburg where she has been teaching for many years. On Tuesday, 12 March 2019, Piet Retief and Paulpietersburg held their quarterly grading which saw a total of 35 karatekas attempting their next level and passing with high standards that the dojo’s can be proud of.

The grading panel, consisting of black belts affiliated to NKZN JKA, included Evan Bohmer, who graded to his black belt last year.

Due to circumstances, the annual prize-giving for Piet Well done to the Piet Retief JKA Karatekas Retief was also held on the same day with awards for various achievements and for overall performance being given to the candidates who stood out in 2018: Dawie De Bruin – Best Kata Boy Jr Duane Strecker –

Best Kata Girl Jr Ruan Oosthuizen – Best Kumite Boys Jr Sune Els – Best Kumite Girl Jr Jayden Ehlers – Best Fighting spirit Stefan Potgieter – Best Kumite Boy Sr Xagorr Naude – Best Kata Boy Sr Monique Potgieter – Best Kata Girl Sr Thea Botha – Best Motivated Sr Lize-Mare Purchase – Best Motivated Jr Karl Schutte – Best Sr Justin Van Zyl –

Best Dinky Progress Well done to these karatekas on their hard work and dedication to the sport of JKA Karate.