Asidlale team training in Amsterdam

Asidlale team training in Amsterdam

On Wednesday 10th April, the Asidlale Team headed out to Amsterdam to train some of the ladies from the Community.

The training was held at Glen Oak Lodge, a central venue where everyone could meet up. The day was organised by Fikile Manana, a passionate lady who wants to help to uplift rural women and children, by helping them to equip their children for their school careers.

Despite the training being held on a work morning, we were happy to have 6 ladies in attendance, and will reach more when word gets out and Fikile starts to ‘drive’ the Project in the area. Among the trainees was a crèche teacher (Thoko) who is wanting to start up a crèche in the town, as there are currently very few in the area.

Thoko attended the training hosted by Thandi from the Tshwane University of Technology (in 2017) and will be able to implement the training at her crèche. We will be visiting her in the next 2 weeks with some supplies to give her a boost, as she is doing this out of a love for children and not receiving any ‘support’ at present.

The ladies were very responsive and eager to participate in the exercises, games and activities. It is always a good sign when Trainees are prepared to jump and hop on one leg, and do all the activities themselves, so that they can teach the kids to do the same!

Thank you for organising the ladies Fikile – we look forward to working with you and the good ladies of Amsterdam in the future, to change the lives of the women and children there.