Piet Retief Aero Modellers host Family Day

Piet Retief Aero Modellers

On Saturday, 16 February, the Piet Retief Aero Modellers held a funfilled family day at their grounds and the day was wellsupported by the community.

People were invited to come and enjoy deliciously prepared food while club members and guests had the chance to fly their remote-controlled aeroplanes – it was quite a display of skilled “pilots” and the most spectacular model aircrafts indeed!

The event was packed with all kinds of activities. Guests also had the opportunity to win prizes in a raffle competition. They had to fill in their names on a paper plate and place it anywhere on the field. A model aircraft dropped a parachute and if it landed on your plate (or closest to it), you won a prize! The participants also had the chance to show off their talent as they took part in a spotlanding competition.

This took some serious skills and concentration! Congratulations to the following individuals who won prizes: Spotlanding winner – Marius Botes (from Ermelo) Spotlanding (2nd place) – Neels Pienaar (from Piet Retief) Spotlanding (3rd place) – Eugene Prinsloo (Ermelo) Raffle winners: 1st place in raffle – Kaiden Pretorius 2nd place in raffle – Johan van Vuuren 3rd place in raffle – Zane du Toit (Pretoria) 4th place in raffle – Marius van Vuuren Mr Louis Niebuhr, the club’s chairperson, received a prize for his hard work and dedication in making the family day a huge success and Mr Lello Gallino from Johannesburg was also awarded with a prize for travelling the longest distance to take part in the event.

Congratulations to all the winners! The members of the Piet Retief Aero Modellers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the event. Thank you to all the sponsors and participants for entertaining the crowds.

Even with unpredictable rain showers every once in a while, the overall rating of the family day was very positive.