NKZN JKA Karate Championship

NKZN JKA Karate Championship

The Northern KwaZulu-Natal JKA Karate Championship was held on Saturday, 2 March 2019, at the Farmers’ Hall in Newcastle.

Approximately 205 karateka competed with a combined total of 348 entries. The Karate Championship started at 09:00 with an award ceremony recognising karateka and institutions for their dedication and achievements to JKA karate. We would like to thank Sensei Warren Bainton, Tournament Director of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) of South Africa, who audited the competition.

Oss! Congratulations to everyone that competed: Cornelis Uys – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Dawie De Bruin – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Duane Strecker – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Estiaan Coetzer – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold and Kumite- Bronze Hannes van der Wath – Kumite- Bronze Iwan Steyn – Kata- Silver , Kumite- Gold Jayden Ehlers – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Jennifer Whitfield – Kata-Bronze, Kumite-Bronze Justin van Zyl – Kata-Bronze, Kumite- Gold Kaitlin van Zyl – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Lian Klingenberg – Kata-Bronze, Kumite- Silver Lianke Coetzee – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Lize-Mare Purchase – Kata-Bronze, Kumite-Silver Luan Fourie – Kata- Bronze, Kumite- Bronze Lulanie Fourie – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Marli Coetzee – Kata-Gold, Kumite- Gold Michelle Janssens – Kata-Gold, Kumite-Gold Monique Potgieter – Kata-Gold, Kumite-Bronze Pedri Coetzee – Kata-Gold Stefan Potgieter – Kata-Bronze, Kumite- Gold Sune Els – Kata- Gold, Kumite- Gold Xagorr Naude – Kata-Silver, Kumite- Bronze.