Accident report – One dead and 31 injured in only two weeks

Car ACCIDENTS People injured

Various accidents from Tuesday, 19 February until Sunday, 3 March, led to the death of one person and left 31 others injured.

The below mentioned accidents were reported on by personnel of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit. The information was provided by Mr Anton Nortje, Head of the department and if anyone has queries regarding these accidents, Anton can be contacted on 079 872 8989.

19 February: At 09:20, emergency personnel responded to an accident on the Paulpietersburg road in which one person sustained light injuries. According to the accident report, the driver of a white Isuzu bakkie was towing a blue Toyota bakkie.

The vehicles had apparently stopped in the road when the driver of a white Nissan bakkie collided into the side of the blue Toyota bakkie. On the same day, at around 11:30, an accident involving an Isuzu bakkie occurred on the Mahamba road. It was stated that the driver of the vehicle lost control after the right back tyre burst and he rolled the bakkie. Two passengers suffered only minor injuries.

21 February: Two accidents, involving five vehicles, which included an abnormal heavy motor vehicle, happened on the Ermelo road at around 09:00. Four vehicles were heading towards Piet Retief and the abnormal truck was on his way to Ermelo.

The second accident was a direct result of the first one. In the first incident, the driver of a minibus decreased his speed as he apparently noticed an abnormal truck driving in the opposite lane when the driver of a blue Ford, coming from behind at high speed, tried to avoid a crash with the minibus in front of him, swerved out, and collided with the trailer of the abnormal truck.

Shortly thereafter, the driver of a red BMW, also heading to Piet Retief, noticed the accident ahead and slowed down when a white Toyota bakkie, which came from behind, did not see the accident in front, and collided into the back of the BMW. One person in the blue Ford sustained light injuries.

24 February: At around 06:30, the driver of a VW Polo lost control of his vehicle at high speed and drove off the Ermelo road. The vehicle came to a stop near a plantation next to the road and two people were treated for minor injuries on the scene. 26 February: An accident involving a blue Ford Icon and a white Corsa bakkie occurred in Kruger Street at around 07:00.

The accident report states that the driver of the white Corsa bakkie collided into the side of the blue Ford Icon just when its driver was turning into Kruger Street from Brecher Street. Three people suffered minor injuries. 28 February: The driver of a silver Toyota Tazz spent the evening in his vehicle, next to the Pongola road after he lost control of his vehicle and ended up in a ditch next to the road.

Apparently, the accident occurred at around 23:00 and rescue personnel received the call-out only at 06:20 the following day. No injuries were reported. 1 March: One person sustained serious injuries and five others were treated on scene for minor injuries when an accident on the Paulpietersburg road, at the Commondale turn-off, was reported at around 20:25.

The driver of a white Toyota Hilux bakkie lost control after one of the vehicle’s tyres burst and he consequently rolled the vehicle. 2 March: The driver of a Nissan Tïda was on his way to Iswepe from Ermelo when he tried to overtake two heavy motor vehicles in front of him.

He was able to pass the first truck, but according to the accident report, he did not manage to pass the second one before there was oncoming traffic. He lost control of his vehicle as he tried to avoid an accident and rolled the vehicle.

Two people were transported to hospital with serious injuries and another three were treated on the scene with only light injuries. 3 March: Three accidents occurred on this day. One person died, three suffered critical injuries and another four sustained major injuries in an accident on the Pongola road.

At 16:50, this accident was called in. The driver of a Hyundai Tucson lost control of his vehicle near the Klipwal turn-off and went off the road. The vehicle rolled and came to a halt in a nearby field. According to the accident report, there were eight people inside the vehicle, together with their luggage.

They were travelling from Kwa- Zulu-Natal, heading towards Piet Retief when the accident occurred. At 17:55, rescue personnel received another call to an accident on the Ermelo road. Upon their arrival, it was found that the driver of a VW Polo collided into the back axle of a Scania truck.

The accident report indicates that the truck was travelling towards Ermelo, in the slow lane of the N2, when the driver of the VW Polo apparently lost control of his vehicle when its back wheel came off.

When emergency personnel got to the scene, neither the driver nor any passengers, of the VW Polo could be found. It was mentioned that everything (such as the licence disc and registration number plate), which could have identified the owner of the VW Polo, were removed.

On the same day, at around 21:05, again an accident on the N2, at the new traffic circle was reported and attended to. No injuries were sustained but the driver of a blue Corsa claimed that he could not see the circle ahead and collided into the curb.