Traffic circles – What are the rules?

Traffic circles

A traffic circle is classified as large when it has a minimum diameter of about 16 metres and a 1,5 – to 2 metre flattened curb, which allows heavy vehicles to drive onto a small section of the circle.

Mini traffic circles are normally not more than seven to 10 metres in diameter and the entire circle is mountable for heavy vehicles. Yes, there are differing rules for each.

The rule of thumb is that mini traffic circles, which are usually found in residential areas, have the same rules as a four-way stop – first come, first served. For larger traffic circles, which are usually found at busy crossings to assist with the flow of traffic, you need to give way to the right.

Motorists should take extra care when the roads are wet as you can easily lose control of your vehicle and accidents occur regularly when it has rained.

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Local accident reports

From Wednesday, 23 January, to Sunday, 3 February 2019, officials of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit responded to various accidents. The following information was made available to the Excelsior News by Mr Anton Nortje, Chief of the Fire Department.

23 January 2019: collision of Isuzu bakki and Mitsubishi Pajero

An accident between the drivers of an Isuzu bakkie and a Mitsubishi Pajero occurred at the corner of Draad – and Muller Street. Around 17:00, the driver of the Pajero was heading towards Piet Retief High School (travelling in Draad Street), when the driver of the Isuzu collided with her. The driver of the Isuzu was travelling in Muller Street and did not see oncoming traffic when he proceeded to turn. One person sustained injuries as a result of this accident.

25 January 2019: driver lost control of vehicle

The driver of a VW Amarok lost control of his vehicle on the Ermelo road at around 19:00 on the above-mentioned date. According to the driver, he drove through water lying on the left side of the road, which caused him to lose control and the vehicle rolled. No injuries were reported during this accident.

26 January 2019: Two vehicles lost control on wet road

At around 08:00, an accident on the Ermelo road caused three people to sustain light injuries. The driver of a white Toyota Quantum lost control of his vehicle on the wet road and it rolled. On the same date, emergency personnel were called out to another accident scene, also on the Ermelo road. The driver of a Ford Laser slipped on the wet road surface, lost control of the vehicle and it rolled. Three people were treated for minor injuries.

2 February 2019: Chevrolet and Nissan hardbody involved in accidents

At approximately 16:00, the driver of a white Chevrolet lost control of his vehicle on the Wakkerstroom road and swerved off the road, ending in a plantation next to the road. One person suffered severe injuries and another was treated for minor injuries. On the same date, at around 17:30, a Nissan Hardbody was reported to have been involved in an accident at the new traffic circle, on the N2, on route to Ermelo.

The driver of the vehicle stated that he lost control of his vehicle and it rolled. One person was treated for light injuries on the scene.

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3 February 2019: Collision between two Ford Ranger bakkies

One person sustained serious injuries after an accident occurred on the Ermelo road at around 12:00, involving three vehicles. The drivers of two Ford Ranger bakkies were on route to Ermelo when the driver of the front vehicle lost control of his vehicle. He collided with the back axle of an oncoming heavy motor vehicle, which was heading to Piet Retief. This resulted in the second Ford Ranger’s driver driving into the back of the first one.

Please be observant of other motorists on the road. Be safe, buckle up and stay within the designated speeding limit. Do not take unnecessary chances by overtaking vehicles when it is not safe to do so. And lastly, when there is bad weather, slippery roads and poor visibility, drive with extra care.