Snapshot speeding camera!

Snapshot speeding camera

Have you perhaps been one of the unfortunate drivers who received a Snapshot speeding camera ticket in the post and you couldn’t understand where the camera snapped you?

Well, the snapshot speeding camera is situated on the N2 and traffic officials are able to move it around. This camera is not a permanent fixture and it has been spotted in two different areas. Be cautious when driving on the N2, towards Pongola.

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You will see a grey box, similar looking to an electricity box, next to the road – it’s a speeding camera! The camera has been spotted across the entrance of Waterside Lodge and also at the corner of Wetlands Inn (Kempville) on route to Pongola

Rather drive at the designated speeding limit or you might be surprised with a speeding fine ranging from R400-00 to R1 000-00!