Farmers are a blessing!

Our farmers are a blessing

Farmers of the Mkhondo area are a blessing as they are always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to organisations or even individuals facing a crisis.

Emoyeni Combined School, situated on the Geelhoutboom Farm in Iswepe, has been struggling without water for quite some time as the school’s water system was disrupted due to damage of a water pump.

The school’s principal, Mrs B.U. Mlangeni, addressed a letter to various farmers in the area to ask for their help in terms of taking water to the school so that the learners and educators’ basic sanitary needs could be met.

The farming community in the area immediately responded and have regularly been taking water to the school. According to the principal, it is a recent problem and the school has been struggling without water for about a week.

The SGB (School Governing Body) came together and discussed the matter where plans were made to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. On Tuesday, 29 January, Ziggy van Niekerk, contacted people for assistance when one of the Mobile Clinics got stuck in mud in the Iswepe area.

Without any hesitation, they responded immediately and came to her aid. Hats off to our generous farming community! Thank you for always assisting with everything! It goes to show that no community is complete without their farmers!