Update on Amsterdam scholar transport

Amsterdam scholar transport

In last week’s edition of the Excelsior News, readers were informed about the lack of Amsterdam scholar transport for learners of the Mlambo Combined School, and it seems that the matter has not yet been resolved.

The Excelsior News spoke to Mr Dlamini again on Monday, 21 January, to try and get feedback and he stated that the parents have decided to make alternative arrangements by using private transport so that their children can attend school. For the whole of last week, Mlambo Combined School’s learners had to wait for transportation, to no avail.

Mr Dlamini also said that there is a bus running from Amsterdam to the Thokozani Village (the area in which Mlambo Combined School is situated) and that high school learners make use of this bus. What is frustrating for the parents is that this same bus does not stop to collect or drop-off the learners of Mlambo Combined School.

According to Mr Dlamini, a meeting was arranged with the Department of Education’s Circuit manager and he informed the people at the meeting that the reason for the bus not collecting the learners in question is due to a “policy” and that he will respond at a later stage after a thorough investigation was conducted.

The parents have decided to apply for a legal march to express their grievances and this is set to take place on Monday, 4 February 2019. The Excelsior News will continue to provide information on this matter when it becomes available.