A new house for grieving family

Cindy Nkosi

During November 2018, a house fire claimed the lives of two children of Eziphunzini and the property was completely destroyed.

Two children, aged 4- and 5-years old, were in the house in Eziphunzini together with a lady who looked after them when the fire erupted due to electrical problems. The lady managed to escape from the house but, it was sadly too late for the two young children.

The families and the community were devastated by the news and residents, businesses and the municipality tried to assist the families as best they could. Cindy Nkosi, the mother of one of the victims and the owner of the house that burnt down, was employed by Doves Piet Retief at the time of this terrible tragedy.

She resided at the property since 2007, together with her five children and the lady that minded them when she was at work. Not only was the family left stranded without a roof over their heads but, they also had to deal with funeral arrangements and mourn the loss.

The family was destitute and when Doves Piet Retief heard about Cindy’s predicament, they decided to lend a helping hand and rebuild her house as soon as possible so that she and her family could at least return to a home and rebuild their lives.

On Saturday, 26 January, community members of Mkhondo were invited to attend the handover of Cindy’s house. It is hard to believe that such a terrible tragedy could give birth to a new beginning for the distraught Nkosifamily.

The event was attended by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Doves Group, Miss Minki Rasenyalo, Doves Franchise Managing Director, Innocent Ndlela, Doves Piet Retief Franchise, Njabulo Mkhwanazi. Ward Councillor, Bongi Mkwanazi, hospital officials of Piet Retief Hospital and Pastor Phakathi also attended the event.

Mkhondo Local Municipality did their bit by ensuring that the project ran smoothly as they played a key role in making sure that there was enough water for the contractors to continue with the building process.

As Cindy cut the ribbon of her brand new house, she was speechless and could not believe that it was the same house which was engulfed by fire only three months ago. May the Nkosifamily find consolation in the fact that there are still some good Samaritans.