Serious water pipe leak gets immediate attention

waterpipe leak

Municipal workers were hard at work in Klopper Street on Wednesday, 9 January, when a water pipe leak resulted in the town being without water for the day.

On Wednesday, 9 January, residents of Piet Retief complained about the lack of water at their properties as well as businesses and workers of the Mkhondo Local Municipality swiftly started to investigate as to where the problem originated from.

At around 08:00 on the mentioned date, residents were informed that a serious water pipe leak occurred in Klopper Street and that a team of workers were working tirelessly to rectify the problem. At that stage, no time frame could be given as to when the community’s water would be restored and residents had to wait patiently.

At around 15:00, a resident visited the site where the workers were busy and it was mentioned that a section of the water pipe was severely damaged, which resulted in the team having to dig out a large section of the pipe to replace it. At around 16:30, repairs were complete and the water was turned on.

Some upper areas of the town were still left without water as it took quite some time to refill the reservoirs. A word of gratitude goes to the team who put in their best efforts to repair the leak as soon as possible.