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The Imizamoyabeli Rural Horse Riding Association hosted a rural horse racing event on Wednesday, 26 December, and congratulations go to the following winners of each race:

Rural Horse Racing Event 1, grade 9 – Mr Nkosi from Kwanobhongo’s horse, Carlton Centre, won the race and he was awarded with a cash prize.

Race 2, grade 8 – Mr Madonsela, from Dirkiesdorp’s horse, Icilongo, won the race and he received a sheep. Race 3, grade 7 & 6 – Mr Gamede, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Umqombololo, won the race and he also received a sheep.

Race 4, grade 5 – Mr Hlatswayo, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Facebook, won and he received a cash prize. Race 5, grade 1 – Mr Gama, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Inxakanxaka, won this race and was awarded with a cash prize.

Congratulations to all the winners, the people of Mkhondo are looking forward to a year filled with excellent horseracing results, delivered by local horse riding competitors!

27 March 2020

Kate-Merie Ferreira

On Sunday, 22 March rural horse racing enthusiasts, jockeys and supporters came together for an event at Kwanobhongo.

The results were as follows:

Race 1 Grade 9:

This race was won by Overloan, owned by Mr Ndaba of Kwanobhongo. In second place was Umahawukela, owned by Mr Hlatshwayo of Etsheni and in third place was Intuthwane, also owned by Mr Hlatshwayo. The top three each received a cash prize.

Race 2 Grade 8:

Umkhovu, owned by Mr Hlatshwayo of Etsheni won this heat and in second place was Phenduka, owned by Mr Lukhele of Vaalbank. Both victors received a cash prize.

Race 3 Grade 7, 6 and 5:

This race was won by Professor, owned by Mr Ndaba of Kwanobhongo and in second place was Utalagu, owned by Mr Hlatshwayo of Etsheni. Both won a cash prize.

Bravo to the winners!

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