PETCO visits TVK Recyclers in Mkhondo

PETCO visits TVK Recyclers in Mkhondo

On Wednesday, the founder of TVK Recyclers, Thabu Mathebula, together with volunteers and representatives of the Mkhondo Local Municipality received a visit from Project Manager, Belinda Booker and her colleagues, of PETCO (PET Plastic Recycling South Africa).

During the visit, Ms Booker gave a word of thanks to the members of PETCO TVK Recyclers for their continuous efforts in trying to keep Mkhondo clean and wastefree. She also emphasised the gratitude of PETCO towards the Mkhondo Local Municipality and the Gert Sibande District Municipality for also offering their assistance.

The volunteers of TVK Recyclers managed to gather more than two tons of disposable waste within certain villages of Mkhondo during the last few months of 2018. These individuals were able to recycle some waste and generate an income for themselves through Waste Management.

TVK Recyclers will soon be offering a free training session on Waste Management to interested parties in our area. The community is looking forward to join hands with the municipality as well as TVK Recyclers and play their part in making Mkhondo a cleaner, safer and refuse-free area.