Muzomuhle Mthembu – 2nd best in South Africa!

Muzomuhle Mthembu
Muzomuhle Mthembu was given second place in the Best Top Student Achiever in South Africa (for Quintile 1 Schools)

Congratulations to Muzomuhle Mthembu, a learner of Ndlela Secondary School, who was awarded second place in the Top Achievers in South Africa (grade 12 results) for Quintile 1 schools.

Muzomuhle Mthembu came second to Molelekeng Mokoena, a student of Tsebo Secondary School, situated in the Free State. The Department of Education had a list of top achievers in each of its quintiles. Quintiles are the five groupings (20% each) into which the department divides the country’s schools.

Quintile 1 is the group of schools in each province catering for the poorest 20% of learners. Quintile 2 schools cater for the next poorest 20% of schools and so forth, where Quintile 5 comprises the least poor 20% of public schools in the country. According to SABC News, the Minister of Education, Honourable Angie Motshekga, together with Vodacom, hosted a ministerial breakfast ahead of the announcement of the official results by the Minister, which was set to take place on Thursday, 3 January 2019.

The 17-year old Muzomuhle Mthembu, from Mkhondo, was also invited to this prestigious event. This boy, managed to achieve exceptional results in the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examination of 2018 with the support of his uncle and aunt. He comes from a small rural township in Mkhondo and had to study in his home’s backyard.

Muzomuhle is planning to study Chemical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand, which will be a gateway to his future career as a Petroleum Engineer. His results were as follows: IsiZulu – 85% English – 86% Mathematics – 100% Physical Science – 99% Life Science – 93% Geography – 94% Life Orientation – 95% “For me to be here I had to study very hard and leave the things that would not get me anywhere. For the class of 2019 I would like to say that they must have the correct attitude and determination towards their studies because it all starts there.”

Muzomuhle The Minister thanked all the parents, teachers and caregivers for being a pillar of support to these children. She also thanked the “stars of the day” for their hard work, focus, determination and persistence which she highlighted as the key to their success. Congratulations Muzomuhle – always stay humble and work hard to achieve your ultimate goals. Thank you for keeping Mkhondo’s name high!