Informal horseracing
Excellent horseracing took place in Dirkiesdorp on Wednesday, 26 December

The Imizamoyabeli Rural Horse Riding Association hosted a horseracing event on Wednesday, 26 December, and congratulations go to the following winners of each race:

  • Race 1, grade 9 – Mr Nkosi from Kwanobhongo’s horse, Carlton Centre, won the race and he was awarded with a cash prize.
  • Race 2, grade 8 – Mr Madonsela, from Dirkiesdorp’s horse, Icilongo, won the race and he received a sheep.
  • Race 3, grade 7 & 6 – Mr Gamede, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Umqombololo, won the race and he also received a sheep.
  • Race 4, grade 5 – Mr Hlatswayo, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Facebook, won and he received a cash prize.
  • Race 5, grade 1 – Mr Gama, from KwaZulu-Natal’s horse, Inxakanxaka, won this race and was awarded with a cash prize.

Congratulations to all the winners, the people of Mkhondo are looking forward to a year filled with excellent horseracing results, delivered by local competitors!