Well done Xolani Hadebe!

Xolani Hadebe
Xolani Hadebe, graduated with a Medical Degree

27-year old former resident of Mkhondo, Xolani Hadebe, recently graduated with a Degree in Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch.

From a grocery store packer to a medical doctor! Congratulations Xolani Hadebe! He attended a rural village school in Mpumalanga and managed to fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor by working hard and never giving up. According to the SABC News, Xolani set his goals high in matric already and despite numerous rejection letters from medical schools, he stayed positive and persevered.

Xolani’s mother is a domestic worker and he knew that they would not be able to afford tertiary education, but he started to work as a till packer at a grocery store in Piet Retief and saved all his money to pay for his own studies! There is hope for anyone who is willing to give it their all! You make Mkhondo proud, Xolani!