Three House Fires

Three house fires
A house in the Ajax Village was burnt down on Sunday, 18 November

House fires in Mkhondo are becoming worrisome as three incidents were reported to the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit, only days apart from each other.

According to Mr Anton Nortje, Chief of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit, rescue personnel attended to three house fires from Thursday, 15 – until Monday, 19 November but fortunately, no injuries were reported.

On Thursday, 15 November, at around 11:40, a house in S’betha caught fire after it was presumed that family members were quarrelling and one of them then set the house alight. It was also mentioned that the house was occupied by some of the family members at the time of the incident, but all managed to escape the blazing fire and suffocating smoke.

At around 06:00, on Sunday, 18 November, firefighters attended to a house fire in the Ajax Village. It is unclear as to what caused this fire, but no one sustained injuries. Again on Monday, 19 November, at 15:30, rescue personnel were asked to come out to a house situated on the Mahamba road where a fire broke out.

Investigators are still unclear as to what caused this particular fire but the residents of the house managed to escape before the flames engulfed the property. Setting someone’s property alight due to minor differences, is unnecessary.

You might be facing criminal charges which can lead to imprisonment for arson. What will happen if someone gets trapped inside a burning house and you are responsible for someone’s death? You might even face a charge of murder.

Will it really be worth it to have the last say? Members of the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit are urging the community to make sure that their properties are fire safe and that all their electrical devices are in good working condition. Do not let children play with open fires or items that can be used to light a fire, such as matches.