Fun and games at Lungisani Educare Centre

Fun and games at Lungisani Educare Centre
The Asdilale Team with the Teachers of Lungisani

This year the Asidlale Team have had the privilege to meet S’bongile and the amazing women who run the Lungisani Educare Centre in Maphepheni.

The ladies run the Lungisani Educare Centre attended by about 60 children (between the ages of 2 and 5). Lungisani receives no Government support, and relies on donations from Companies, Organisations and the Parents of the children who attend.

The ladies are super innovative, and even managed to build a new classroom this year, by working creatively with limited resources in order to accommodate the large number of children.

In January 2018 the Asidlale Team handed out 12 Asidlale “1” Boxes, and through the year have visited them and donated a cot and some other items to use at the centre. On Friday 16th November, the Asidlale Team headed back for Asidlale “2” Training with the kids and the teachers.

They have a lovely big play area outside the classes, so we were able to get all the children outdoors and in a big circle for the exercises and games we wanted to show them. The Asidlale “2” Box focuses on ‘cross over’ activities, so the children had to learn which is left and right, and then cross over to opposite sides of the body, feet, etc. There were a lot of smiles on the little faces, and a lot of confusion too, so the ladies have some work to do!

It is good to see that many of the kids have excellent hand-eye coordination and ball sense, so they will quickly comprehend the new exercises and games. This is a centre we are proud to assist, as it is impeccably organised and well run. The teachers are passionate about the children, and you can feel the happiness and love as soon as you enter the classrooms and interact with the children.

If you would like to assist us in supporting Lungisani with any toys, games, chairs, desks and so on, please get in touch with us and help to keep this little centre going. You can contact either Wendy (TTN Network) on 072 507 4393 or Amanda (Fontana Church) on 061 430 4229.