Street mechanics taking over

Street mechanics taking over
Similar services are creating problems at the Kempville Shopping Centre

It is evident that it is becoming more and more difficult to travel in Kotze Street, heading to Mall@Mfula, as “street mechanics” are taking over the area with broken- down vehicles parked everywhere – sometimes, even obstructing the traffic flow.

Concerned business owners in the area informed the Excelsior News that this problem is escalating and becoming a concern as their clients do not have any place to park.

The mechanics “service” the vehicles in the parking bays and have even asked if they can use one of the undercover carports of a business in the area. The area is really becoming unsightly and businesses are losing potential clientele as people would rather drive past than try and squeeze into a parking bay, filled with scattered tools and oil spills everywhere.

The issue was discussed with Ward 7 councillor, Mrs I. Brussow, after which she informed the Excelsior News that she visited the area and during the time that she and a representative of the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s Legal Department were there, two individuals were asked to remove vehicles from public parking spaces.

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It was also mentioned that when something such as this presents itself on private property, for example on the corner of Pretorius – and Zuidend Street, where these so called “mechanics” are also operational; the responsibility does not lie with the municipality but with the owner of the property. If you have a concern pertaining to such a matter, you have to contact the owner of the property. If these “mechanics” operate on a public road or parking area, the municipality will intervene as they are not permitted to do so.

Similar incidents occur in Kempville at the Kempville Shopping Centre, where a scrapyard is growing by the day and “street mechanics” are working around the clock. In some of these cases, the “mechanics” often leave used spares, damaged tyres, vehicle parts or even glass scattered everywhere, not to mention the oil spills on the road surface or parking bays.

If you have similar cases that you would like to report, please contact the Mkhondo Local Municipality, on 087 630 0180. There is nothing wrong with being an entrepreneur and making ends meet by doing an honest job, but you have to obey the laws of the town.

If you want to start a business, you have to do it the legal way and not do so illegally by conducting business on a pavement, obstructing or influencing another legal business owner’s premises or parking areas.