Six accidents reported

six accidents
The driver of a SAPS-van lost control of the vehicle on the Emahlathini road and overturned the vehicle

A total of six accidents were reported to the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit from Friday, 2 November until Saturday, 10 November. Two of these accidents involved state vehicles.

Friday, 2 November: collision between minibus-taxi and SAPS-van

The first of the six accidents occured on the Pongola road. At around 13:00, a minibus-taxi collided with a SAPS-van. According to Mkhondo Fire and Rescue’s accident report, the taxi driver claimed that he was travelling towards Pongola and the SAPS-van was in front of him. It was further stated that the driver of the state vehicle made a U-turn in the road. This resulted in the taxi driver colliding into the side of the van.

The case is still under investigation. Two persons sustained serious injuries while six others were left with only minor injuries.

A reminder to motor vehicle drivers

Please always check your distance when someone is travelling in front of you. You should have at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front during ideal conditions. Add one second extra for each 3 metre of trailer length when following a vehicle towing a trailer or caravan.


Sunday, 4 November:Collision between Mazda and Toyota Tazz

Emergency personnel were called out to an accident scene on the Wakkerstroom road at around 20:15. Upon their arrival, they found two seriously injured passengers that were involved in an accident between a Mazda and a Toyota Tazz.

It was unclear as to what led to this accident, but it is being presumed that the driver of the Toyota was making an unsuspected U-turn when the driver of the Mazda collided with the Toyota, which caused the accident.

Monday, 5 November: Driver loses control of Toyota Etios

One person sustained minor injuries after the driver of a Toyota Etios lost control of his vehicle on the Mahamba road at around 19:00. It was found that the vehicle’s tyre burst, the driver lost control and the vehicle rolled.

Tuesday, 6 November: Driver of SAPS-vehicle loses control

At around 14:15, emergency personnel were called out to an accident scene on the Emahlathini road. One person suffered minor injuries after the driver of a SAPS-vehicle lost control on the slippery road and overturned the vehicle. The injured driver was treated on the scene.

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Wednesday, 7 November: Vehicle abandoned after accident

A green Toyota was a write-off and found abandoned on the Emahlathini road at around 18:24 when the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit was contacted by a passerby. Upon their arrival, no people were found in or around the vehicle and it is being presumed that the driver of the vehicle might have lost control and drove into a tree.

Saturday, 10 November: Person dies in collision

An accident on the Derby road that was reported at around 16:40 resulted in the death of one person and left two others in a critical condition. According to the accident report, the driver of an Isuzu lost control of the vehicle, swerved off the gravel road and overturned the bakkie.

Motorists are warned to never take chances.

  • Do not make unlawful U-turns and when you do need to turn ensure the road is completely clear of oncoming traffic, as well as vehicles travelling behind you.
  • Ensure that your vehicle’s tyres and brakes are checked and in a fully functional condition before driving. A lot of accidents occur as a result of tyres that burst or even brakes that fail.
  • Please make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy at all times as this might save your life, those of your passengers as well as the lives of your fellow road users.