Six-a-side hockey tournament

Six-a-side hockey tournament
The first six-a-side hockey tournament at Piet Retief High School was great fun

Earlier this year, Piet Retief High School, hosted their first ever six-a-side hockey tournament and is looking forward to more successful events such as this one.

In August, rugby -, netball – and hockey players had the opportunity to participate in the Six-a-side hockey tournament, hosted at the school’s sports grounds. A total of eight teams played three matches each and the total of goals determined the winning team. Congratulations to the team members of “Keep it Simple” who won the floating trophy for 2018!

Six-a-side hockey tournament
Eight teams entered and played fantastic games

Piet Retief High School would like to thank the following people for their involvement; Mr and Mrs Bouwer, Mr and Mrs Van der Walt, Mr and Mrs Brits and Mr and Mrs Niebuhr. The hockey coaches worked hard to make sure that this year’s tournament went smoothly whilst cheering their teams on!