Piet Retief Superspar turning over a new leaf

Piet Retief Superspar turning over a new leaf
Piet Retief welcomes Mornay and Collette Vosloo, to the Spar-family

The community of Piet Retief would like to welcome Mornay and Collette Vosloo, the new managers of Piet Retief Superspar!

The Piet Retief Superspar team is well-known to the community and they are planning to make this grocery store the best in town. Jannie, Rassie, Mdu and a newcomer, Yongama are ready, able and always friendly, yet professional and will assist all their clients with a smile on their face.

Mornay and Collette have been part of the Spar-family for the past 21 years and are looking forward to creating an environment of friendly service, quality products and ranges that will meet everyone’s needs in and around Piet Retief. They are encouraging their customers to correspond with them as to how they can improve the store – you are more than welcome to do this over a cup of coffee!

The new managers are passionate about the community and have various long term ideas which will serve schools, the lessprivileged and organisations such as the local SAPS, Department of Correctional Services, Department of Health and the Mkhondo Local Municipality. Having a breakfast at only R20-00 is a major bargain and at Piet Retief Superspar’s Beantree Cafe, you will be served the best quality and service that money can buy!

Piet Retief Superspar now offers pension discounts on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays as in the past and they have a Bill Payment System and cashback options at the paypoints and pension payouts. Your all-inone store! Piet Retief Superspar offers a Spar Rewards System that affords you great savings on various selected items and upon registration, you will receive weekly SMS’s with specials – make a note of their iconic Wednesday specials!

Don’t forget Tops@Spar has major specials on a weekly basis so, be sure to visit them and look at their wide range of wines. Ladies, be on the lookout for the Ladies Book Club Wine Suggestions coming soon . . . The new butcher, Natasha She, is already making significant changes.

The fresh fruit and vegetable division is aiming to be the best of its class in town! The fast foods department’s menu is expanding – make sure to give the oxtail stew or the chikka chicken a try on your next visit. When entering Piet Retief Superspar, the smell of freshly baked bread is always welcoming and with their gorgeous custom designed cakes, your special occasion will be exceptional.

Piet Retief Superspar’s personnel is doing their best to be in touch with the newest trends in food, so be sure to pay a visit and get your hands on their newest range of healthy foods. They sure have way more to offer than before – go and look for yourself; their friendly team is waiting for you!