Maranatha Grade 6 Leadership Camp

Maranatha’s Grade 6 Leadership Camp
Maranatha’s Gr 6’s on their leadership camp

On the weekend of the 20th of October, Maranatha’s grade 6 class went to Outdoor Education and Adventures, Kingfisher Camp at Wagondrift Dam for their annual leadership camp.

There was great excitement on arrival at the dam, as after a water safety talk, the learners were loaded into a boat and ferried across the dam. At the leadership camp the learners were shown to their tents and the camp rules were explained.

Then it was time for the fun to begin, and first on the programme was an obstacle course, which tested the endurance and tenacity of the learners. The learners surprised themselves and completed challenging and new activities with little encouragement from the facilitators. After a delicious supper there was time for a game of ‘stalk the lantern’ before going to bed, exhausted but happy.

Saturday dawned overcast, but there was no time to worry about the weather as the programme was packed with activities which included an eco-walk, where the learners learnt about nature, raft building which tested their teamwork skills and a scavenger hunt, where they had to collect bugs, spiders and scorpions. The day ended with a night hike and stargazing. Everyone was sad on Sunday when they realised that the camp was coming to an end and they were going home, as they had all enjoyed it immensely.

The learners wish to thank Mr C. Venter and Mrs C. Carr for joining them on tour as well as Mrs A. Ries for all her organising and planning which made this camp possible.