Ubuntu Market in Mkhondo

Ubuntu Market in Mkhondo
Skilled dancers performing their Zulu-dance

“Ubuntu” means a quality that includes the essential human virtues, compassion and humanity and with the launch of the Ubuntu Market in Mkhondo, great things lie ahead!

On Saturday, 6 October, a community market was held at the Mkhondo Library premises and this monthly event is aimed to promote cultural cohesion and exchange through productive networks and also to celebrate the intelligence and innovation of the people of Mkhondo. It is initiated to showcase the ordinary people of this town’s talent and it will encourage and assist them to reach great potential.

The word “ubuntu” is commonly used across the continent, in various languages, and can be explained as “a person is a person through other people”, or that “I am because you are”. In the difficult times that South Africans face currently, it will take all of us to make our democracy triumphant. If we work in unity, we can assure a legacy for future generations.

Mkhondo however, is still highly divided. Clear differences between racial groups are evident and very few intentional interactions through events that encourage cultural diversity, occur. The Ubuntu Community Market is set to open a platform for anyone! The representatives are planning to host this market on the first Saturday of each month.

At the first event, local artists performed in music, poetry, cultural dances and storytelling. isiZulu girls performed their dancing skills while traditional dishes were available to the public to buy. From beef to even biltong was available! By hosting the event at the local library, children were encouraged to read and expand their knowledge. The organisers would like to thank all their supporters and entities who contributed towards the first event.

The next event will take place on Saturday, 3 November. Please support this great initiative. Pack your camping chairs and picnic basket and be part of the local cultural exchange!