Reckless driving 2-13 October 2018

Car Accident in Piet Retief Mkhondo
An abandoned Ford Ka, found on the Wittenberg Road

Reckless driving is a major contributor towards accidents and the public are being urged to drive responsibly and stay within in the legal speed limit.

The following reckless driving accidents occurred on roads surrounding Mkhondo during the past two weeks and feedback was given by the Mkhondo Fire and Rescue Unit personnel.

2 October: At around 19:24, Emergency personnel arrived at an accident scene on the Pongola Road. Upon their arrival, they found an abandoned vehicle and it could only be presumed that the driver lost control and overturned the vehicle. There was no one present on the scene, so it is unclear if anyone involved in this accident, sustained any injuries.

5 October: A Toyota Camry and a Ford Ranger collided with a slow travelling bakkie near the Maphepeni turn-off, on the Ermelo Road. At around 11:45, Emergency personnel attended to the accident scene and they were informed that the two vehicles were both travelling in the same direction when they both collided with the slow travelling bakkie in front of them.

Two people sustained light injuries as a result of this accident. On the same date, at around 15:30, the driver of a Toyota, travelling on the Amsterdam Road and was towing a trailer, lost control of the vehicle after the trailer jackknifed on the road. The vehicle overturned and one person sustained light injuries.

6 October: On the abovementioned date, at around 20:20, Emergency personnel went to an accident scene on the Driefontein Road. The report indicates that the driver of a white Nissan bakkie lost control of his vehicle and it rolled as a result. One person sustained serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

8 October: The driver of a red Nissan 1400 bakkie caused an accident on the Ermelo Road at around 12:55 and it was stated that he overtook another vehicle and when he saw an oncoming vehicle, he swerved off the road and rolled the vehicle. No injuries were sustained during this accident.

9 October: At around 18:20, on the Pongola Road, an accident between a Nissan Tida and a Toyota Hilux bakkie occurred. The driver of the bakkie stopped at the temporary stop-and-go when the driver of the Nissan Tida collided into the back of the bakkie. No injuries were sustained but the driver of the Nissan Tida was arrested on the scene for driving under the influence.

12 October: Two people sustained serious injuries after a reckless driving accident that happened on the Amsterdam Road at around 13:35. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene and found an overturned Toyota Corolla. The report states that the driver lost control in a curve and rolled the vehicle.

13 October: Emergency personnel had been alerted of an abandoned vehicle on the Wittenberg Road at around 08:45. Upon their arrival, they found a black Ford Ka on its side but no injured people. It is being presumed that the accident occurred the previous night and that the driver/passengers left the scene.