Alpha & Omega news. Almost time for the school holidays

school holidays
Celebrating culture and tradition by spending quality time together

The pre-school learners from Alpha & Omega had a busy schedule before it was time for the school holidays.

During the third term, these energetic pre-scholars had the opportunity to enjoy various activities and at the same time, learn interesting facts. They had a lesson about healthy living where each one had to bring a fruit or vegetable to school. They learned how to pick the right fruit or vegetable and how to wash and peel it. They also enjoyed making vegetable soup and a delectable fruit smoothie!

The children all decided that fruit is definitely a much better snack than sweets and chips! When it was time for a career day, the children were all dressed according to what they want to become when they grow up. This year’s dress-up was quite interesting and the children were also involved in making their own costumes for the day.

The children had to prepare a short speech as to which particular career they would like to follow and they also showed off some items which are used in these careers they had chosen – what a lovely day they all had! Heritage Day (24 September) was celebrated in true traditional style.

Grandparents spoiled the learners and staff members with deliciously prepared meals and told the most interesting stories regarding all the various cultures and traditions. It was a day filled with joy, fun and laughter! The pre-scholars also had the opportunity to visit the elderly residents at Huis Immergroen during an educational trip.

They were told that grandparents are a gift from God and that you should cherish them. The young ones entertained the elderly by singing and dancing for them. Thank you for this kind gesture as they always enjoy the little ones’ company!