TTN Investment Expo

TTN’s first Investment Expo, Eden (Moolman)
'Eden Farm' the training venue for TTN's Farming Foundations Programme

On Friday, 31 August 2018 TTN Network (Thol’ulwazi Thol’impilo) hosted an investment Expo at Eden Farm in Moolman, to introduce the companies in our area to the work that we are doing in Mkhondo, Paulpietersburg, Iswepe and Amsterdam (to name a few).

The morning of the investment expo began with a tour of the ‘Eden’ Farm at Moolman. Here we were able to show our guests the Farming Foundations Project that we are running, as a training base for the communities and companies that want to implement these farming methods.

Ivan and Helene Smith (who live in the house at Eden) have themselves participated in the training, and together with Braam and our German students who are helping out for a few months, Eden is starting to take shape!

There are pigs and chickens, and soon we will be planting seedlings, and using the tunnels and grounds to grow various vegetables and berries. After the Eden Tour, our guests then moved on to the church at Moolman where they were given a short talk by Pastors Tom McSeveney and Derick Slabbert, to learn more about TTN, and to understand the work that we are doing in the communities – every project had a table on display, so our guests could also mingle and talk to the various people running them such as Farming Foundations, the Asidlale Box, Youth Life Skills, Cotlands, Disciple Making Movement, Crèche Development and our Mobile Clinics.

TTN would like to thank everyone who attended the Expo for their support and interest. We trust that you left motivated and excited at the prospect of investing in the work that we are doing, and the TTN Team values your support and compassion for the wellbeing of our local communities.

By helping and teaching communities to become self-sustainable, they will be able to feed themselves, grow spiritually & educationally, and improve the wellbeing of their families, by being in a position to generate an income from what they are able to grow and farm with.

If you would like to know more about TTN and the various areas that we are operating in, please visit our website at (all our various contacts and divisions are featured).