Panbult Crime Awareness Campaign

Crime Awareness Campaign in Panbult
The learners of Jikantathu Primary School found the visit very informative

On Wednesday, 29 August, representatives of the Department of Social Development in Amsterdam, together with One Goal for Amsterdam (OGA), held a Crime Awareness Campaign in Panbult to focus on criminal activities and teens who drop out of school.

The Crime Awareness Campaign gathering took place at the Jikantathu Primary School, situated in the Panbult area and the guest speakers focussed on learners from grade 4-7. The school’s prinicipal, Mr Nkosi, opened the campaign and welcomed everyone.

The purpose of the Crime Awareness Campaign event was addressed by Ms T.C. Mashinini and thereafter, Mr K.N. Khumalo, of OGA, spoke to the learners and explained to them the negative effect quitting school will have on their future.

Mr T.M.R. Sithole informed the children about the dangerous effects of substance abuse whilst Ms Mashinini discussed various subjects such as children’s rights and their responsibilities, the different types of abuse and the role of Social Development in Crime Prevention.

Mr Sithole ended off the day by thanking everyone who gave of their time to attend the meeting and encouraged the learners to work hard at school every day and to not fall victim to substance abuse or criminal activities.