Its McLaren Circus time

McLaren Circus
(courtesy of the McLaren Circus’ website)

On Monday, 10 September and Tuesday, 11 September, the community of Piet Retief was entertained by the skilled and friendly performers of the McLaren Circus.

It was once again a spectacular performance from the McLaren Circus that kept every spectator on the edge of their seat. From a beautiful show with lions and tigers, to the cutest little poodle riding a small bicycle. Visit their website

A nail-biting performance of a skilled juggler and the clowns entertaining the crowd made this year’s circus in Piet Retief spectacular. The acrobats showed the audience how to climb a pole and the children had a fright when they saw the reptiles. It was truly a entertaining show!

Thank you to the Circus for bringing the circus to town and for giving away tickets to non-profitable organisations such as Uzwelo Home. Piet Retief’s children are already asking when the circus will be back!

A Spectacular Performance by the McLaren Circus