Empty beer bottles left behind at “car wash”

A pile of empty beer bottles left behind at the “car wash”
A pile of empty beer bottles left behind at the “car wash”

I, Mrs C.J. Scheepers am a resident and business owner from Amsterdam and I am so frustrated and fed-up regarding a tavern that is operational close to our premises and the tavern’s visitors that are creating havoc at all hours of the day.

The tavern has been up and running for the past five years but try living in the same vicinity as this “business” is becoming a daily challenge for us. The tavern is situated opposite our house and business, next to Global Filling Station and the owner of the tavern has built an extra extension to the building overnight.

Next to this extension, carports were built where they are running a lucrative carwash. All sorts of rubbish, together with empty beer bottles fill my own as well as other residents’ gardens on a daily basis. The visitors to the tavern have no respect for us or the other residents in the area. They park their vehicles in our driveways which prevents us from being able to enter or exit our properties.

The music is deafening – higher than the allowed decibels for public places – not to mention the manner in which the intoxicated individuals relieve themselves. Some individuals will even have sexual intercourse on our business stoep and defecate in my driveway in front of my gate. This is totally unhygienic, given that we are selling food at our business, this is public indecency and unacceptable.

They even sell liquor to the public for which I, Mrs Scheepers, have photos as proof. This matter was reported to the the SAPS several times and their response was that they will look into the matter, but to date, the situation was not dealt with, it actually worsens by the day. I have given up on phoning the Mkhondo Local Municipality because the person in charge of Amsterdam refuses to answer his phone or to accept my calls.

I contacted the owner of the building, who told me that he will look into the matter, with no results. I then went as far as discussing the issue with the SAPS Mayor in Mkhondo without receiving help, I also contacted a representative of the Liquor Board, who visited Amsterdam, but I have only received empty promises from them as well.

The situation is getting out of hand and if we do dare to confront these individuals, we are threatened and verbally abused. It is not only me but, all the residents in the street in which the tavern is situated who are complaining about the noise, a Church is about 300 metres from the tavern and the Old Age Home is next to the Church.

This causes a lot of frustration even for the pensioners and they do not feel safe due to this problem. The matter has been reported to the Communications Department at the Mkhondo Local Municipality and feedback will be published once received. C.J. Scheepers 083 555 5338