Casual Day 2018 – great fun for a good cause!

Casual Day 2018 - great fun for a good cause!
Superheroes were spotted everywhere

Who is your superhero? Let’s face it, South Africa needs heroes and on Friday, 7 September 2018, South Africans once again were urged to support Casual Day and not only be a hero to themselves but also to persons living with various disabilities.

What is a hero? A hero cares about people and they can put themselves in other’s shoes. Heroes use their skills and talents to do good rather than waiting for someone else to do it and they don’t ever give up! They keep on going, after setbacks or frustrations.

They strive to be all they can, despite any shortfalls. Heroes never stop working to make the world a beter place for everyone and they are defined by their strength of character.

People from Piet Retief took this challenge to heart and on Friday they wore their outfits with pride to work! Well done to everyone who dressed up as a superhero to show their support. You are all superheroes in disguise!