Carla Griessel is Bringing Hope

Carla Griessel is bringing back hope to a community struck with poverty

Carla Griessel is one of five Piet Retief Primary School learners who was selected as part of the KwaZulu- Natal Land Service team and this is the second year that Carla will represent her school.

As part of her project for 2018, Carla Griessel decided on Silethi Éthemba, meaning “Bringing Hope”. The beneficiary of her project will be a community in an Agri Village that doesn’t benefit from any project and who does not qualify for the ECD (Early Childhood Development) programme.

Carla has the full support of the Land Service Leader and Piet Retief Primary School’s principal on this project. Through this initiative, Carla is planning to reach out to the 4- to 6-year old children. These children do not attend any crèche and she will be educating them, amongst other things.

She will also assist them in learning basic skills such as colours, shapes, the alphabet, counting, senses, caring for their environment and even what different animals look and sound like. In this group, a total of 19 children will be reached.

In this village, there is a family, consisting of five orphaned children, of which the three youngest are still attending school. Carla is planning to collect various items such as toiletries and food, which will assist this family on a monthly basis.

The pensioners in this village will receive assistance with basic sanitary items, a monthly food parcel and where possible, a sweet treat. Seventeen pensioners were identified. Fifteen teenage girls in the Agri Village are in need of sanitary towels and Carla is planning to assist with this as well.

A huge thank you to everyone who has already opened their pockets and hearts to assist Carla in her project. Her first visit to the Agri Village was on Saturday, 18 August and even though the weather was unpleasant, Carla Griessel was welcomed by everyone.

They had loads of fun and the community members were eager to learn from her. If you would like to donate towards Carla’s Bringing Hope project, kindly contact her mother, Helena, on 082 896 0734 or send her an e-mail at