Service delivery is our priority

Service delivery is our priority

It was a bright day for the residents of Mkhondo, as Executive Mayor Cllr, Vusi Motha delivered Service Delivery to the community.

As it was a day of service delivery, the Executive Mayor handed over 10 title deeds to 10 different beneficiaries. On the 18th of August 2018, Mkhondo Local Municipality hosted a Mayoral Imbizo at Kempville Sports Ground, where various projects were handed over to the community. The day started with a walk that encouraged a healthy lifestyle and encourages people to exercise more to improve their health.

The Executive Mayor along with members of the public, walked from the N2 Dumbe T-junction to Mkhondo Town Council, where he shared breakfast with over hundred elderly people from different wards in Mkhondo. He also donated 250 blankets and food parcels to the elderly.

The Mayoral Imbizo was graced by the presence of the Gert Sibande District Municipality Mayor, Cllr Muzi Chirwa, as well as the eDumbe Municipality Executive Mayor, Cllr Majuba Mavuso, who shared the day with Cllr Motha as he tabled the listed projects he has initiated from his first day in term of office. He started by discussing corruption and how he is working on finding better ways in resolving corruption, “Because our town can become a better place if we minimize corruption,” Mayor Motha elaborated.

He then outlined the projects which include the upgrading of the power sub-station which will also allow more residents access to electricity throughout the wards of Mkhondo. “As we all know, electricity is one of the major problems in the rural areas we are facing,” the Executive Mayor said.

Knowing and respecting the South African constitutional rights, the municipality handed over a Bulk water line project in eMaphepheni for the community to have access to clean and healthy water.

On the 17th of August 2018, Hawker Stalls were officially handed over to the hawkers, which are already in use. A Bus Route of 4 kilometre and Combo Courts were handed over to the community of Saul Mkhizeville as part of the projects achieved during the 2017/18 financial year. As it was a day of service delivery, the Executive Mayor handed over 10 title deeds to 10 different beneficiaries.

The Executive Mayor also touched on issues of unemployment and education, where he explained how the municipality is fighting issues of youth unemployment within Mkhondo. He then mentioned that the municipality has managed to assist a number of young people with education bursaries and leanerships to qualifying individuals. He said that increasing job opportunities will also better the economy of Mkhondo.

He further encouraged students to work hard in school so they can have a better chance of improving their lives and in getting better jobs in future. He mentioned that the municipality has helped 20 people to get licences as part of fighting youth unemployment within Mkhondo.

The Executive Mayor explained to the community that the Municipality is trying their utmost to improve service delivery in Mkhondo but pleaded that the people should work with the municipality in improving the town and take care of the infrastructure given to them. “God is the planner of our lives, let there be peace in Mkhondo, and peace will help us to create better opportunities.”