Horse racing at Heyshope Dam

Horse racing at Heyshope Dam
These talented horses and their jockeys enjoy their Sunday get togethers

The skilled jockeys from the Imizamoyabeli Rural Horse Riding Association had the spectators cheering them on when they participated in another successful horse racing event on Sunday, 12 August, near Heyshope Dam.

Race 1, grade 9a was won by Umahawukela, Mr Hlatshwayo’s, horse, from Etsheni and race 2, grade 9b was won by the horse, Ibhayibheli, also from Mr Hlatswhayo. Race 3, grade 8’s winner was the talented horse, Umfundisi Onomona, from Mr Ndlangamandla in Dirkiesdorp and he won a goat. Race 4, grade 7 was won by the horse Insimbi, from Mr Hlatswayo in Etsheni, and was also awarded with a goat.

Race 5, grade 6’s winner was Mr Nkosi’s horse, Umsobo, from the Kwanobhongo area. Race 6, grades 4,3,2 and 1 was won by the horse of Mr Sima, from Pietermaritzburg, Minister. He received a goat as his prize.

The Imizamoyabeli Rural Horse Riding Assosiation would like to continue to promote horse racing events in Mkhondo but, without the continuous support of the community, it might not be possible. If you would like to sponsor towards this organisation, please contact Mr Madonsela on 079 287 6208.