Eziphunzini entrance total disgrace!

Eziphunzini entrance a total disgrace!
The entrance to Eziphunzini is a total disgrace

Why do people keep on discarding their rubbish any- and everywhere? The sight of rubbish scattered everywhere is evident when you travel on the R543 (Wakkerstroom Road) and you turn-off at Eziphunzini.

Heaps and heaps of refuse fill the vegetation next to the road and it seems that no one is willing to lift a finger to clean it up, most people would rather contribute towards the problem by throwing their cold drink cans or empty chips packets on the rubbish heaps. Stray animals are often seen grazing right in the middle of the rubbish whilst chickens have a scratch at some plastic containers.

Children also play between the broken glass bottles and rotten food on a daily basis. What a shame! Instead of discarding of your refuse there, please look for a dustbin and be a responsible individual. You never know when your actions are seen by children and you become an example to them. Rather be a leader in your community and make a difference!