Donations to Jabulani Agri-Village

Generous donations to the Jabulani Agri-Village
Thank you for never forgetting us

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform concluded Mandela Month by donating nonperishable food items, clothing and bedding to the Jabulani Agri-Village Drop-in Centre on Tuesday, 31 July.

The Jabulani Agri-Village Drop-in Centre (part of the Jabulani Agri- Village), situated within the Mkhondo Local Municipality’s boundaries, provides for about 135 children, some of which are orphans and learners from the Thathukusa Primary School and crèche.

These children receive breakfast in the morning and a lunch after school. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform played a huge role in the concept of an agri-village by building houses with solar electricity, solar panel street lighting, building a multi-purpose centre, a community hall and an early childhood development centre at the Thathukusa Primary School.

Generous donations to the Jabulani Agri-Village
Food items, bedding and clothing were donated to the Jabulani Drop-in Centre

These initiatives were achieved through the Rural Infrastructural Development (RID) branch. Mr Sibusiso Sibiya, who spoke on behalf of the Jabulani Drop-in Centre, stated that everything the Department has done for them in the past shows them that they are appreciated and well-looked after.

The Department has also created various permanent positions through the infrastructure of the Jabulani Agri-Village. Sixteen individuals are divided into the five departments, 10 people at the Drop-in Centre, one person at the Elderly Care, one person at the Jabulani Communal Property Association, three people at the Early Childhood Development Centre and one person at the Youth Centre.

The much appreciated donations received for the conclusion of Mandela Month was provided by the officials of the Provincial Shared Service Centre and the District offices. Thank you for your kind gesture and for always lending a helping hand.