Delivery vehicles/ trucks to steer clear of electricity lines

delivery vehicles and power lines
Delivery vehicles/ trucks to steer clear of electricity lines

Never park any vehicles, including trucks, delivery vehicles or forklifts under power lines.

Monday 20 August 2018: Eskom noted with dismay the recent occurrence of four separate and very unfortunate electricity contact incidents around Middelburg in Mpumalanga.

All these incidents occurred between May and June 2018. The incidents involved trucks which were either loading or offloading goods/items at shop outlets. In one incident, a truack hooked onto overhead electrical conductors while offloading goods and it came into contact with electricity.

The Eskom investigation team have identified two critical factors contributing to these incidents, which are a lack of supervision and negligence by the truck driver and/or the assistant/s. Fortunately no one was fatally or seriously injured as a result of these incidents.

Eskom would like to alert trucking companies of the safety risk involved during the loading or offloading process in the vicinity of powerlines and electrical installations. Trucks are made from steel and metal which easily conduct electricity.

Any contact with electricity poses a risk and may lead to serious or fatal injuries when contact is made. Eskom would like to urge trucking businesses to be safety-wise and be aware of the risks in their areas of operation. Companies are encouraged to contact Eskom to obtain more information about clearance distances between powerlines and any structure, object or activity.

Powerlines have clearance limits which must be respected to achieve zero harm. Eskom would therefore like fellow South Africans, especially those in the trucking business to note the following life-saving tips:

  • Never park any vehicles, including trucks, delivery vehicles or forklifts under power lines.
  • Never operate cranes or cherry-pickers under power lines.
  • Never offload any goods, including building material or beverages, under or near power lines.
  • Never carry steel rods or pipes under power lines. If there is no other way, make sure that the pipe or rod lies horizontally as far away from the power line as possible.
  • Never build a house or plant trees under power lines.
  • Teach children not to throw objects (chains, slings, shoes, kites, toys, etc.) onto power lines.
  • Teach children not to play near any transformers or to climb any electricity structure.
  • Treat all electricity cables as live and never touch it.
  • Report any vandalism of Eskom property, illegal connections and electricity theft to Eskom or to the police.
  • Companies are also requested to alert Eskom of any risks or dangers that they may identify in their area of operation.

Eskom regards the safe use and handling of electricity by its customers, contractors and employees very seriously, hence Zero Harm is one of Eskom’s values and key priorities. Eskom customers are urged to report electrical faults at 08600 37566 (24hrs) or text their query and account number / meter number to 35328. Please report electricity theft anonymously to the Crime Line: 32211 (R1/ SMS).