Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I was witness to an accident. On Sunday, 8 July at around 11:10, a car with registration number JDJ 980 MP, colour charcoal, was driving from town towards Waterside Lodge, when he hit a pedestrian crossing the road fom the left side to the right.

The driver never stopped to help the person he hit with the car and just drove off past the hospital. I tried helping the person and called the ambulance and a police vehicle passed us to say other emergency services were on their way.

I was so shocked that someone can do something evil like this to a person. According to the Road Traffic Act of South Africa, any accident on a public road, if you hit someone and drive off is called a hit-and-run and is a criminal offence defeating or obstructing the law.

On Monday, 9 July at around 10:30, I went to the hospital to visit the person and I was informed the he had passed away on Sunday afternoon. I was very disappointed that it ended like this.

He still had his cellphone in his pocket, so I could trace his family or friends. I hope that this case will be investigated and the driver will be brought to justice for just leaving the person to die.

An accident is an accident but when you drive away from the scene of the accident it is murder, not culpable homicide. H.B. Hlatshwayo 071 274 8573 The SAPD offices were contacted about this accident but unfortunately their system was offline and feedback will follow – Editor