Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Scam Alert. The community of Mkhondo is warned of a man that is walking around in town and going from business to business, asking for financial help.

Apparently, this man is currently spreading a rumour that Sam Yiollaris, from Uzwelo Home, sent him to ask for assistance during this Scam Alert.

The man is telling people that his house burnt down recently and that he urgently needs food for his twins. Some business owners and members of the community stated that they have seen this man on numerous occasions and that he tells the same old story again and again.

He also declares that he went to the churches and other welfare organisations, but they refused to help him. Uzwelo Home asked the Excelsior News to publish this information as a warning to the community as they will never send any individual to private homes or businesses to ask for money or food.

Sam also mentioned that if anyone has a photo of this man or information about him, they can contact Uzwelo Home on 017 826 1204 or inform the local SAPS of this matter on 017 824 2601/02.

Some individuals have also mentioned that this man seems to know them personally and has their businesses’ names and addresses as well, which is a scary thought, bear the fact they have never spoken to or seen this man before. Please be on the lookout for him and do not believe his stories or give him any money. It is a scam!