PETCO is going strong

Volunteers offer their help at a dumpsite in Amsterdam

Over 100 volunteers working for PETCO (PET Plastic Recycling South Africa), situated in Mkhondo, are constantly busy recycling rubbish in villages through out Mkhondo in order to contribute to a cleaner environment for all.

PETCO recently received a sponsorship from Safripol (Woodchem), who equipped them with rubbish bags, which they put to good use and started to clean up rubbish dumps in eThandukukhanya and Amsterdam.

Despite the fact that PETCO has no premises to conduct business from, as they are still in negotiations with the Mkhondo Local Municipality since March 2018, the company is nevertheless going strong and doing their best to recycle and clean up communities.

Plastic Recycling South Africa is in urgent need of a business premises to conduct business from as they are creating job opportunities for many people and they are currently piling the recycled items in bags at their homes.

This is creating more problems and is a personal health hazard. Please contact PETCO’s representative Mr T.S. Mathebula, 072 551 9633, for information on the organisation and for donations.

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