Community protest defused rapidly

Community protest defused rapidly
The subway at the entrance of eThandukukhanya was barricaded again on Sunday, 24 June and Monday, 25 June, but the situation was rapidly defused

During the afternoon of Sunday, 24 June, Mkhondo’s residents were advised to stay away from the sub-way entrance towards eThandukukhanya as community members barricaded the road with burning tyres during a community protest.

Police officials were called out to the scene. On Monday, 25 June, people were informed that the community protest was not over. Protestors closed the above mentioned entrance as well as areas on the R543 (Wakkerstroom Road).

The Excelsior News contacted the local SAPS on Monday, 25 June, to get feedback as to why the community members were protesting. According to the Communications Officer of the SAPS, Captain Khanye, rumours are doing the rounds that it is the same individuals that were responsible for the protests during April and May. It seems that they are not satisfied with the response on their memorandum.

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On Monday, police members defused the protest action quickly. The above mentioned rumours cannot be confirmed. The local SAPS spokesperson had not yet received feedback on the matter at the time of publication. People making use of the subway entrance and travelling on the Wakkerstroom Road regularly are requested to be cautious at all times.

It seems that no one can be certain when a protest action can flare up and the police members are permanently on standby.