Burst pipe left unattended for months

Burst pipe left unattended for months
Burst pipe left unattended for months

The Excelsior News received a photo from a concerned resident of Mkhondo regarding a burst pipe at a building, situated near the taxi rank’s ablution block.

According to the informant, this situation has been going on for more than two months now. He added that vendors in the area reported the matter to the Mkhondo Local Municipality and to the shop tenant, who in turn informed the landlord.

Furthermore, he mentioned that even after the landlord acknowledged the burst pipe, the situation is still the same and water streams down the road on a daily basis. If one has a look at the photo, it seems to be a plumbing problem and not the municipality’s responsibility, but surely the owner of the building should make urgent work of this matter as precious water goes to waste.

Is the person in charge perhaps not responsible for the water account? If you do own a building in the taxi rank’s vicinity, please ensure that it is not your building that has this burst pipe as you will get an unpleasant surprise when you receive your utility bill.

Water has become more precious as some of South Africa’s provinces face severe drought at the moment, so we as a community should not take water for granted. Leaving a burst water pipe unattended for over two months is completely unacceptable.