Stop dumping!

Stop dumping
What a devastating sight - rubbish everywhere!

When will the people of Mkhondo realise that dumping their rubbish bags wherever they feel fit to do so, is creating a serious hazard for the environment?

It is becoming clear that people do not want to take the responsibility of their own “garbage” and they often like to turn a blind eye and complain about how awful it looks, but more often than not, they are not willing to lift a finger and make a change to stop dumping.

Stop dumping
Now that the grass lands are burned, refuse that was dumped is more evident

It is that time of the year when the grass fields and wetland areas are being burned and this now leaves vast black stretches of land, scattered with rubbish that was formerly hidden inbetween overgrown vegetation.

Now that the long grass and other plants have burned away, the heaps of glass bottles, plastic bags and other refuse are clearly visible and it is truly a depressing sight. Did you honestly think that by carelessly throwing your rubbish bag into a dense patch of long grass or plants, you might have hidden it well enough?

Maybe it was because you were too lazy to dispose of your garbage in the correct manner by driving (or walking) to the nearest dustbin or local dumping site?

Shame on you! Stop dumping – it can surely not be that difficult! Is it not time to name and shame those individuals for dumping their rubbish bags without considering the environment around them?