Liquor Traders Workshop

Liquor Traders Workshop
On Thursday, 24 May, various business owners attended a Liquor Trader Workshop in Eziphunzini

On Thursday, 24 May 2018, the Liquor Board of Mpumalanga, which has now changed to the MER (Mpumalanga Economy Regulator), hosted a Liquor Traders Workshop wherein various aspects of acquiring a liquor licence were discussed.

The event was well attended by various Liquor Traders business owners and Miss J. Khosa, from the MER delivered an educational presentation pertaining to responsible trading, consequences of non-compliance and how to obtain a liquor licence as well as other relevant prescripts such as the conditions of a licence, renewals, amendments and suspensions or cancellations.

Busi Khanye, from Community Safety, Security and Liason also addressed the audience. Various other stakeholders, including representatives from the Cluster Community Policing Forum, Mkhondo Local Municipality, Department of Home Affairs and the local SAPS also had a chance to deliver a speech.

One of the most important issues discussed during the workshop was how the regulation with regard to renewal of liquor licences has changed. The Mpumalanga Economy Regulator now requests a renewal three months prior to the expiry date of the licence.

The relevant forms have to be completed, the receipt for payment attached and sent back to the MER. Visitors asked where they should get the forms and they were informed that they will only be able to obtain the forms directly from the Mpumalanga Economy Regulator.

The attendants stated that they would like to request a visit from the Mpumalanga Economy Regulator to bring them the required forms and it was said that the request will be discussed with management. The forms for renewals and applications are available on the Mpumalanga Economy Regulator website or you can phone their offices on 031 750 8000 and ask for the forms to be faxed or posted.

If you hand in a late application and do not comply with the three months’ notice, you will have to stop trading until the renewal is completed and also pay a hefty penalty. Traders should ensure that they comply with all the new regulations from the MER. For more information pertaining to liquor licences, please visit the MER website