Let’s assist with the Asidlale Project

Asidlale Project
Please donate towards the Asidlale Project to keep it going

The Asidlale Project team is planning on distributing between 20 to 30 boxes during the month of June but they need some items to complete their boxes – can you maybe help?

The Asidlale Project team is in need of some specific items to complete the boxes: Stuffed toys (that children have outgrown), beanbags, play dough, plastic balls, books, puzzles and games.

If you can assist with any of these items, please drop it off at the AGS Fontana Church or at Bon Vie (27 Joubert Street).

If you would like to make some of these items as part of your contribution, kindly contact Wendy on 072 507 4393 or Amanda on 061 430 4229, as they have recipes and guidelines to assist. Wendy and Amanda can also Please be contacted if you would like to sponsor any items towards the Asidlale Project.

Thank you to those who continuously donate which ensures the momentum of the Asidlale Project and keeps it going strong. Let’s play (Asidlale)!