Farmers trained in Amsterdam

Farmers trained in Amsterdam
The training was well attended by many motivated farmers

From 21 to 25 May, 25 farmers from Amsterdam attended a maize production course at the Amsterdam Env i ronmental Centre, with Grain SA.

The farmers were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to farm in a sustainable and profitable manner.

The sections covered during the course included: how to conduct a soil test for surface soil and below ground soil, the right time and temperature when to plant, sustainable farming methods, calculation of the amount of seed and fertilizer needed to plant per hectare, calibrating a boom spray at certain square metres, adjusting a planter, the importance of a seed base level, and drainage systems.

The farmers who participated in the training also had the opportunity to become official members of Grain SA, should they wish. They expressed their gratitude towards Mr Soois Scheepers, who mentored them, and Grain SA for the opportunity.

Other farmers who would like to obtain more information on these courses, or who are interested in completing such a course may contact the Grain SA Mentor, Mr Soois Scheepers at 082 781 7820, the Amsterdam Simunye Farmers Chairman, Mr Boy Nzimande at 072 875 2942 or the Amsterdam Business Forum Youth Leader, Mr Nature Khumalo at 076 073 0614.

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